Privacy Policy 4th May 2018

At Nutrend Office and Contract Furniture we recognise the importance of protecting your privacy.  This policy advises you on how we collect your personal information, process your personal information via our website or other means of communication such as email or phone.  By continuing to use this website you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Collection of Personal Information

We collect personal information when you enter your details on any forms on this website, for example on the Contact Us form or accout / address creation forms.  We also collection information when using our services for example when creating an order.

Processing your Personal Information

We will use your personal information only to communicate to you about the services you have used, requested or asked about, for example using the Contact Us form to request a consultation, we will use the information such as email, name (if provided) and telephone (if provided) to set up and provide the consultation, nothing more.  All our services use an Opt-In approach as required by GDPR as such we will only process your information when you have given explicit permission.  However to provide the sale and delivery services provided via we are allowed to assume you have opted in to this service upon finalising an order and such we dont require explicit permission to process your information in regards to said order.

Duration of Data Storage

We will use your information only to send information you have requested from Nutrend Office and Contract Furniture.  Unless your enquiry results in a purchase of service or request for marketing emails, your personal information will be deleted 24 months after the conclusion of your enquiry.  Further to this you are entitled to request access to the information we have stored regarding youself and you are also entiled to request deletion of said information where legally possible.

Deletion of Personal Information

Changes in the GDPR require us by law to respond to requests of deletion of personal information.  We cannot delete personal information on individuals who have purchased a service (finalized an order), this is to prevent fraud.

Storage of Credit / Debit Card Information

We do not hold or store any information regarding credit / debit cards.  We use 3rd party website provided by our payment gateway to facilitate the payment process.

Who We Share Your Information With

Your personal information is used only by Nutrend Office and Contract Furniture for the purposes detailed above, we don't share any information with 3rd parties unless requested by yourself regarding your own personal information.  We only send the value of your order to our 3rd party payment gateway with no other personal information.  By law we may share your personal information with authorities, (including the police, law enforcement agencies, credit reference and fraud prevention agencies), for:

Prevention and detection of crime

The prevention of fraud

The prevention of money laundering

For the purpose of legal proceedings

Keeping Your Personal Information Secure

Nutrend Office and Contract Furniture is commited to protecting your privacy, as such all information is stored on a secure server to protect from misuse.

Keeping Your Personal Information Accurate

Nutrend Office and Contract Furniture will endeavour to ensure that your personal information is as accurate as reasonably possible.  We encourage you to check and ensure all information regarding yourself is accurate and up-to-date and inform us of any changes.

How to Access Your Personal Information

You can access your personal information we have stored by logging into or by contacting Nutrend Office and Contract Furniture.

Data Controller

The data controller responsible for our website is Nutrend Office and Contract Furniture.